Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, is making significant strides in its global expansion and advocacy efforts despite facing regulatory challenges in its home market, the United States. The company has recently secured a registration license in Canada and is actively advocating for the approval of Ethereum ETFs.

Key Takeaways

  • Coinbase secures a registration license in Canada.
  • Coinbase CLO Paul Grewal advocates for Ethereum ETF approval.
  • Monero and InQubeta show significant market activity.
  • Coinbase CLO criticizes SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s stance on crypto assets.

Coinbase Secures Canadian License

Coinbase has successfully obtained a registration license in Canada, allowing it to operate legally under the oversight of the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA). This move comes amidst increasing regulatory pressures in the United States, highlighting Coinbase’s efforts to expand its operations abroad. The regulatory environment in Canada is perceived as more accommodating for crypto platforms compared to the US.

Efforts and Presence in Canada

  • Coinbase filed a pre-registration undertaking (PRU) and officially launched in Canada in August of the previous year.
  • The company has been working with Canadian regulators for the past three years to ensure compliance.
  • Coinbase’s registration as the first international cryptocurrency exchange in Canada positions it strategically to serve the tech-savvy Canadian population.
  • The company has nearly 200 full-time employees in its Canadian tech hub.

Advocacy for Ethereum ETF Approval

Coinbase’s Chief Legal Officer, Paul Grewal, has been vocal in advocating for the approval of Ethereum ETFs. He has urged regulatory bodies to consider and approve pending applications for Ethereum ETFs. This advocacy is part of Coinbase’s broader strategy to support the growth and acceptance of cryptocurrency assets.

Market Impact

  • Ethereum has been gaining support from the crypto community for its exchange-traded funds.
  • The London Stock Exchange has applied to create a separate market for crypto exchange-traded notes (ETNs), which will go live in April.
  • Monero and InQubeta have also shown significant market activity, with Monero upgrading its Web 3.0 wallet and InQubeta raising over $12.5 million through its ICO.

Criticism of SEC Chair’s Stance

Paul Grewal has also criticized SEC Chair Gary Gensler for categorizing certain crypto assets as securities. Grewal argues that tokens are not securities and has called out Gensler for misleading the market. This criticism highlights the ongoing tension between crypto firms and regulatory bodies in the United States.

Key Points of Contention

  • Gensler’s statement that many crypto tokens are securities under US law.
  • Grewal’s rebuttal that SEC lawyers have admitted in court that tokens are not securities.
  • The impact of this categorization on the approval of Ethereum ETFs and other crypto assets.


Coinbase continues to navigate the complex regulatory landscape while expanding its global footprint and advocating for the broader acceptance of cryptocurrency assets. The company’s recent achievements in Canada and its ongoing efforts to support Ethereum ETFs demonstrate its commitment to providing access to the digital economy for users worldwide.


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