Riot Platforms Inc. has made a bold move to acquire its rival, Bitfarms Ltd., with an unsolicited $950 million offer. This proposal, which includes a mix of cash and stock, aims to create the world’s largest publicly listed Bitcoin miner.

Key Takeaways

  • Riot Platforms has offered $2.30 per share for Bitfarms.
  • The offer is 20% above Bitfarms’ trading price before the initial approach.
  • The acquisition aims to establish the largest publicly listed Bitcoin mining company.

The Offer Details

Riot Platforms’ offer of $2.30 per share represents a significant premium over Bitfarms’ trading price prior to the initial approach in April. The offer is structured as a combination of cash and stock, making it an attractive proposition for Bitfarms’ shareholders.

Strategic Implications

The acquisition of Bitfarms by Riot Platforms is poised to reshape the landscape of the Bitcoin mining industry. By combining resources and expertise, the merged entity would become the largest publicly listed Bitcoin miner, potentially leading to greater operational efficiencies and market influence.

Market Reaction

The market has responded with keen interest to Riot Platforms’ aggressive move. Investors are closely watching how Bitfarms’ board will respond to the offer, especially given the premium price and the strategic benefits of the merger.

Next Steps

As the situation develops, all eyes will be on Bitfarms’ board and their decision regarding the offer. Should they accept, the merger process will begin, subject to regulatory approvals and other customary conditions.


Riot Platforms’ $950 million bid for Bitfarms marks a significant moment in the Bitcoin mining industry. If successful, the acquisition will not only create the largest publicly listed Bitcoin miner but also set a new benchmark for industry consolidation and growth.


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