Twitter is a great resource to stay up to date on the latest news, as this is where some of the most interesting conversations emerge. While some of this may be unofficial news, this can actually make it more valuable as people are dishing out ideas and confirming or disproving emerging hypotheses. If you follow the right people, Twitter can be a great source of information, ensuring you won’t miss out on any market news. However, it’s essential to be cautious about your sources to avoid FUD and fake news. Here are the top Twitter accounts to follow for cryptocurrency news:

Key Takeaways

  • Anthony Pompliano (@APompliano) offers valuable insights into the world of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.
  • Vitalik Buterin (@VitalikButerin) is a must-follow for updates on Ethereum and its ecosystem.
  • Changpeng Zhao (@cz_binance) provides the latest news and updates from Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Andreas Antonopoulos (@aantonop) shares educational content and deep dives into Bitcoin and blockchain technology.
  • CryptoWendyO (@CryptoWendyO) offers market analysis, trading tips, and the latest news in the cryptocurrency space.


Anthony Pompliano, affectionately known as ‘Pomp,’ is a public figure and fervent supporter of Bitcoin. He became famous after founding Morgan Creek Digital, a digital asset management company. He tweets every day about the world of cryptocurrency and finance in general!

Why You Should Follow This Twitter Account

Pompliano is a reputable and trusted source of information, having been involved in the crypto industry for a long time. He is a frequent poster with a dedicated YouTube channel, investment firm, and job site. Following him helps you keep abreast of market news in a simple and engaging way.

Key Takeaways

  • Reputable and trusted source of information
  • Frequent poster with additional content on YouTube and podcasts
  • CEO of Morgan Creek Digital, a crypto investment firm
  • Hosts a popular crypto jobs site

Shilling Frequency

  • 2/5

Notable Insights

Pompliano remarks that the approval of Ethereum ETFs will mean that Wall Street will fully embrace the crypto space, and this will be the pivot after the Bitcoin ETF. This community is responsible for spreading news about the virtual currency ecosystem. When a project’s founder makes an announcement, it sends ripples through the market.


Vitalik Buterin is the co-founder of Ethereum, a leading blockchain platform enabling the creation of decentralized applications. He shares his thoughts on Ethereum’s development, blockchain scalability, and the potential of smart contracts. Vitalik is a highly respected voice in the cryptocurrency world. His impact on the evolution of the ecosystem, his vision, and the positions he takes make him one of the most important figures in the sector.


Changpeng Zhao, commonly known as CZ, is the founder and former CEO of Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the blockchain industry. CZ is one of the most influential figures in the cryptocurrency world, and his words are always eagerly awaited. His Twitter account is a must-follow for anyone wishing to focus on the Binance ecosystem.

CZ is quick to share recent updates, including progress on the ETH blockchain, and he doesn’t hesitate to speak out on controversial issues. For instance, his posts on the FTX Bankruptcy reassured many, preventing an even bigger market crash. He aims to counter FUD and avoid panic, as seen when Binance was accused of not complying with legislation, thus encouraging money laundering.

Despite being ordered to step down from his role as Binance CEO by the U.S. Department of Justice, CZ keeps his thumb on the pulse of the industry. The exchange founder maintains a huge influence on the crypto space and still has scores of loyal followers. CZ is always trying to push the crypto industry forward and strongly advocates for financial inclusion. Despite running a crypto exchange, CZ is a big supporter of self-custody and decentralized finance.


Andreas Antonopoulos is one of Bitcoin’s most fervent advocates. He is the author of several books on cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and Bitcoin. His books are read by millions of people, which has enabled this writer to rapidly establish himself as one of the most influential voices in this ecosystem.

Andreas Antonopoulos is one of the OG Crypto Twitter accounts. He’s firmly committed to educating the masses and is best known for writing informative books about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Beyond that, Antonopoulos also hosts workshops and often joins expert panels to discuss Bitcoin use cases and developments. He has a solid reputation as an educator in the crypto space.


@Crypto_futur is a must-follow account for anyone interested in the latest trends and updates in the cryptocurrency world. With a strong focus on providing timely and accurate information, this account helps its followers stay ahead in the dynamic crypto landscape. Navigating Crypto Twitter effectively involves using filters and lists to manage information overload, engaging with influencers, and following diverse perspectives for informed decision-making in the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape.


Hasheur is the name of Owen Simonin’s Twitter account. He runs a YouTube channel, a Twitter account, and a company, Meria, specializing in digital asset management. He is France’s leading authority on cryptocurrency-related content.

Hasheur is France’s most popular cryptocurrency specialist. His involvement extends far beyond the media sphere, as he attempts to influence French policy on cryptocurrency. We remember his involvement in the MiCa issue (European directive) and his role in the latest law passed in France concerning the role of influencers in connection with the Web3 universe. Kind-hearted and always ready to explain himself, we highly recommend you follow this Twitter account!


Anthony Sassano, known as @sassal0x, is a prominent figure in the Ethereum blockchain community. He is the co-founder of Daily GWei and has garnered a following of almost 246,000 users. His influence and insights make him a must-follow for anyone interested in Ethereum.


Joseph Young is a renowned journalist and leading cryptocurrency analyst. He specializes in the Bitcoin ecosystem but analyzes many other digital projects. His expertise is widely recognized. As proof, he is followed by over 159,000 people every day. If you subscribe to his Twitter account, you’ll be sure not to miss a thing about what’s going on around the market!

Why follow the cryptocurrency Twitter account @iamjosephyoung, rather than another? The answer is simple: expertise and market knowledge. Indeed, Joseph Young always offers a clear analysis of the market and its situation. Better still, he gives his opinion on the situation and doesn’t hesitate to criticize facts. That’s one of the reasons why this account is so closely followed! So don’t hesitate to click on “Follow”. You’ll learn from him!


Who is @udiWertheimer?

Udi Wertheimer is a developer and a fervent supporter of Bitcoin and its entire ecosystem. His account has a huge following, with almost 185,000 followers! His tweets are quite amusing and treat crypto trading on Twitter with a different eye from what we’re used to. Maybe that’s why so many people have decided to follow him!

Why follow Udi Wertheimer’s cryptocurrency Twitter account?

Udi Wertheimer’s Twitter account is a great source of information for those who want to follow the evolution of the Bitcoin ecosystem. He shares his take on a lot of things, from the latest market news to progress on adoption or the implementation of new legislation. But again, always from an offbeat point of view. If you follow him, you won’t be disappointed!


@CryptoWendyO is a popular crypto trader and analyst who provides technical analysis, trading tips, and updates on cryptocurrencies. She shares her expertise in chart analysis, risk management, and market trends. Her analysis is always very sharp, and by joining the 358,000 followers who follow her, you’re joining a strong, passionate, and close-knit community!

Discover the latest insights and trends in the cryptocurrency world with @CryptoWendyO. Stay informed and ahead of the curve by subscribing to our updates. Don’t miss out on the hottest news and expert analysis. Visit our website today!


Twitter remains an indispensable platform for staying updated on the latest cryptocurrency news and trends. By following the right accounts, you can gain valuable insights, participate in engaging discussions, and stay ahead of market movements. However, it’s crucial to be discerning about the sources you follow to avoid misinformation and FUD. The accounts listed in this article provide a solid starting point for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the crypto world. Stay informed, stay critical, and happy tweeting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Twitter a good platform for cryptocurrency?

Yes and no. If you follow the right people, Twitter can be a great source of information. You won’t miss out on any market news. However, be cautious about your sources as your feed can quickly become polluted with FUD and fake news.

How can I find Bitcoin news on Twitter?

Just type ‘Bitcoin’ in the search bar to see the leading publications on BTC.

Who should I follow on Twitter for cryptocurrency news?

You should follow these 10 Twitter accounts: @APompliano, @VitalikButerin, @cz_binance, @aantonop, @Crypto_futur, @PowerHasheur, @sassal0x, @iamjosephyoung, @udiWertheimer, and @CryptoWendyO.

What are the best crypto Twitter accounts?

There are many cryptocurrency-related Twitter accounts. In our top 10, you’ll discover the best, from Anthony Pompliano to Vitalik Buterin, including other influential figures in the crypto world.

Why should I follow @APompliano?

Anthony Pompliano is a leading investor and influencer in the cryptocurrency space. His insights and analysis are highly valued in the crypto community.

What kind of information can I get from these Twitter accounts?

These accounts offer a wealth of information and analysis on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital assets. From leading investors and developers to influential traders and analysts, these accounts provide a wide range of perspectives on the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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